It’s not just the chef, but the ingredients that make a dish fantastic. Andale Latino Grill serves up the finest dishes and culinary delights using only the finest locally sourced ingredients.

We founded Andale on the belief that it is possible to offer food from a variety of cultures that is fresh, delicious, healthy, and so friendly to your taste buds that your tongue will dance in your mouth after each and every dining experience.

As we craft our delicious food, we empower everyone to experience amazing food outside of the perimeters of a leather bound menu. Our menu introduces diners to Arepas, Plantains dolce, Empanada, Yucca, Quinoa Salad and more. We bring higher quality and more adventurous flavor than either Mexican fast- or full-service restaurant concepts.

Latin American Cuisine forms the foundation of our menu, and we embrace some wonderful elements of American Cuisine to bring you the best Latino dining experience.

We produce every bite of the food you eat in-house, fresh and daily. Our kitchens are of completely of open design, to give you the confidence that what you see is what you get.

Our goal is to deliver to you nutritious, fresh-made food, cooked daily, with the freedom to mix and match to your desire and adventurous nature.